In order to promote a supportive and thriving community, outreach has become a stand-alone and important part of our continuum of services.  The components of outreach include: advocacy, material supports, and resource hubs.
We are committed to ensuring every child and family we are engaged with has access to a comprehensive network of integrated services.  These networks become “resource hubs” that are consumer-driven and friendly. If the need is outside of our scope of services, our program staff work to identify resources and personally connect families with those community partners.  Families living in poverty often need material support, so our outreach efforts allow us to connect those who can share goods and services with those in need.   Advocacy is necessary when the resources cannot be found, or existing resources do not meet the high standards our kids and families need and deserve.

All program staff see outreach as part of their role,  and we have two Outreach Coordinators whose sole focus is to address each of the components of outreach. They help us to grow our list of volunteers, resources and “champions” who will join us in making our vision a reality.

About our Material Support Efforts

Throughout the year we share urgent needs for material support on our Facebook page and in our monthly e-newsletter. In addition, we also organize two material support drives every year. During the summer months we collect school supplies so that kids have what they need begin the school year feeling confident and prepared. During the fall and winter months we collect thanksgiving meal baskets as well as Christmas gifts to support local families in need.

School Supply Drive

Success starts on the first day!

Help Building Families for Children support local families by packing a backpack full of school supplies. Interested in organizing a collection at church, among your friends, in your office, or with another group? Stay tuned! We will be releasing materials June.

Holiday Giving

Celebrate the holidays by blessing local families!

The holidays are a wonderful time for families to come together and celebrate! We hope you will consider supporting local families, so that they too can enjoy a delicious turkey dinner or the joy on a child’s face Christmas morning.

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