We will celebrate our CHOSEN (Children of Special and Exceptional Need) therapeutic foster parents at a local restaurant on May 26, to recognize National Foster Care Month. As we look back at the recent celebration of Mother’s Day and look forward to Father’s Day, we reflect on the important role of family in our lives and communities.

Building Families for Children’s mission is wrapped up in the belief that family is worth honoring and preserving. The foster families and Safe host families inspire us as they commit themselves to children who, for a temporary time, need a family. The children, who allow us to care for them, to love them and help them heal, inspire us.

I can say with confidence that the staff at Building Families believes that family is worth it. They are worth the long hours, the sweat and tears, the difficult conversations, and the healing moments. The compassionate social workers at Building Families inspire us.

With this compelling inspiration, we celebrate National Foster Care Month and continue to advocate in our communities for our vision to become a reality. Through prayer, contributions, and volunteer commitment and participation in the work of Building Families for Children, we march on toward ensuring a safe, nurturing family for every child. Thank you!