After completing treatment at a Group Home for victims of child sex trafficking, 15-year-old Alexis was placed with Melonie, one of our CHOSEN therapeutic foster families.  Melonie had a personal interest in working with youth who have survived sex trafficking so it was a good match. She has lived there now for a year, and the two have experienced ups and downs.  Alexis tends to run away, and one time was gone for an extended period.  Melonie worked tirelessly to find and rescue Alexis from trafficking. Given the relationship she had built with Alexis’s friends, she was able to track Alexis to Pennsylvania.  She picked her up and brought her home.

Our staff can testify to the commitment that Melonie has for Alexis. When she speaks of her it is always from a place of delight in Alexis and support for her best interest. Liz Higdon, our CHOSEN Program Director, remembers several examples of this….

“When Alexis was uncomfortable at summer camp she reached out to Melonie, who left work and drove to the camp to see her.  In an effort to make Alexis more comfortable, she went down the slip and slide fully dressed in her work clothes! Melonie’s flexibility and willingness to be playful, showing Alexis she’ll be there for her when she needs her, has helped forge a deep bond between the two. They are currently exploring the possibility of Melonie adopting Alexis!”

With this sense of love and stability, Alexis is moving forward with her goals. Melonie’s passion to help victims of child sex trafficking has grown and she plans to one day open a home for victims of trafficking. Alexis wants to be a part of that too and is already spending time assisting other vulnerable and victimized youth.