Building Families for Children is a faith-based nonprofit with administrative offices located in Columbia, Maryland. By providing critical services throughout Maryland, we strive to fulfill our vision of “Safe and supportive families for every child to help them thrive in community and life.” Fulfilling this dream requires the involvement of a strong, dedicated workforce of professional staff and volunteers!

If you’re interested in volunteering with us, please email rhonda@buildingfamiliesforchildren.org and we will send you the appropriate form. Thank you!


Here are just a few examples of the volunteer positions we hope to fill!

Temporary Host Family for a child whose family is in crisis.

DIY Specialist to help with occasional simple repairs, renovations, or heavy lifting.

Material Resource Volunteer to work on seasonal events and distributions, and organize donated materials.

Public Relations Volunteer to help with planning and promoting fundraising events, assist with phone and mail campaigns.

Administrative Volunteer to help with ongoing office tasks, including updates to case and home record files, scanning and organizing digital files, and assisting with phone and mail campaigns

A Family Coach to offer personal experience to help families make the necessary changes and support other Safe Families for Children volunteers in providing care and resources.

A Family Friend to offer mentoring, friendship, and support to parents who are going through a crisis and working to get back on their feet.