who we are

Building Families was founded in 1920 to ensure that children were cared for in families, rather than in orphanages, where our founder Willoughby McCormick believed they were most likely to get the love and support they needed. Today we hold fast to that belief, and continue the work by mobilizing the community and providing trauma-informed care.

OUR MISSION is to share the love of Christ by helping Maryland’s most vulnerable children thrive in families.

OUR VISION A safe, nurturing family for every child. A supportive thriving community for every family.

join our team

Is the Lord calling you to work with kids and families from hard places? If so, consider joining the Building Families team.

Please email completed applications to jobs@buildingfamiliesforchildren.org. Thank you!

 Therapist – Therapeutic Family Services (Independent Contractor) 

The Therapist provides therapeutic services to children and families with a focus on healing past trauma and building healthy attachments. With an agency focus on child welfare (foster care and caring for vulnerable children/families) and the Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI®) approach, the Therapist will become familiar and align their practice accordingly. Once assigned, the Therapist will complete initial assessments, provide treatment services that track intended outcomes, complete required paperwork for billing and documentation purposes, and provide parent psychoeducational groups as needed.