Our Vision…

To give kids and families in distress a new start by promoting their safety, stability, well-being and trust in God’s love.

Our Mission…

To serve God by providing professional and volunteer-driven family stability services and by building strong networks that support children’s safety and their physical, mental, social and spiritual growth.

Do your passions line up with ours?

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Working within a Christian context and foundation, we allow God’s love to shine by inspiring unity in God’s people through Biblical principles on which authentic helping relationships are built.


We get to know client’s in positive ways (i.e. values, beliefs, goals, dreams, etc.) and connect their strengths to desired outcomes.


We strive for service delivery that improves family’s access to services across programs in a way that anticipates family needs and empowers self-sufficiency.


We draw on formal and informal community resources and mobilize these resources to help meet client’s needs. We recognize that families are strengthened as they are embraced by their communities, especially by churches who are our indispensable partners in achieving God’s mission.


The focus of our help, primarily, is on the family unit. We believe that the best opportunity for healing, growth, and development occurs in the context of the family and that the family’s perspective is important to elicit so that the services we offer reflect their values.