Serving out of love, faith, & community.

Our Vision

A safe, nurturing family for every child. A supportive, thriving community for every family.

Our Mission

To serve God by providing professional and volunteer-driven family stability services and by building strong networks that support children’s safety and physical, mental, social, and spiritual growth.

About Us


Founded in 1920 by Baptist layman and spice entrepreneur, Willoughby McCormick, we’ve been giving a new start to at-risk kids at families for nearly a century!

Headquartered in Columbia, Maryland, we work with the state, churches, and other community organizations to ensure that our vision becomes a reality. We provide services throughout central Maryland.


Over the year’s we’ve served over 20,000 kids in families and communities, versus institutional settings, confident that God established the family as the best place for children to grow and develop.

Continuum of Services

Community Outreach

Material Support
Resource Hub

Therapeutic Family Services

Child Therapy
Family Therapy and Education
Attachment and Trauma Focused

Safe Families for Children

Child Hosting
Family Support
Family Friend/Mentor

CHOSEN Treatment Foster Care

Trust-Based Relational Intervention
In-Home Support
Crisis Intervention

Join Us

We are grateful to have impacted families and children with life-changing services.  We’ve seen families move from homelessness to stability, youth continue their education and start successful careers, communities surround families with support, and many grow in their faith and trust in God’s love. It’s an honor to be a part of their stories. Learn more about how to give and join us in this meaningful work.

Upcoming events:

  • Tue

    Join us for an hour long Information Session to learn more about becoming a certified foster parent

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