Third Party Fundraising

What is third party fundraising?

Third party fundraisers are an exciting way to involve those around you in supporting the mission of Building Families for Children! They can be planned and carried out by individuals, churches, businesses, or other groups. The funds raised may be designated to a specific program, or donated for BFC to use wherever they are needed most.

Planning Toolkit

The Third Party Fundraising Toolkit includes all of the information you need to get started, including a step by step guide, ideas, promotion tips and more!


Date Night Childcare: This event works best when hosted by a church or other group, but an individual with some volunteers can totally pull it off. Invite couples to drop off their kids and enjoy some precious alone time. Plan fun activities for the kids like games, crafts, and movies, and suggest that parents donate what they would have paid a babysitter.

Theme Party/Dinner: Sell tickets for a special party/dinner.

Movie Night: Sell tickets for a special movie night at your home or church (don’t forget to buy some yummy snacks!)

Donations in Lieu of Gifts: Great for a birthday or other celebration

Dress Down Day at Work: Let employees who donate come to work in casual apparel the next day.

Yard Sale: Get your neighbors and friends to contribute and donate the proceeds.

Snack Bar at Work: Set up a snack bar and ask people to make a donation if they want anything. List a suggested donation on each snack/drink.

BINGO night: A classic fundraiser! Get some great prizes from local businesses (try to get them donated) and invite everyone you know to play! You can sell bingo cards and/or sell entry tickets.

Arts and Crafts Sale: Do you love to create jewlery, art, or other handmade goods? Donate a percentage of your sales to BFC, and make sure to let potential customers know that their purchase is supporting a great, local cause.

Brunch / Pancake Breakfast: Everyone loves breakfast food. Hold a special pancake breakfast or brunch at your home or after church to raise money.

Pet Wash: A spin on the classic car wash! A fun way to get your friends and their beloved pets to join you in supporting local kids and families!

Get inspired by even more ideas in the Third Party Fundraising Toolkit!


Q: Why should I hold a fundraiser for Building Families?

A: If you share our vision and are passionate about our mission, holding a fundraiser is a great way to help us raise the funds we need to continue the work! No amount is too small; every dollar that you raise will be used to support local children and families in need.

Q: Can I designate a specific program for the funds to support?

A: Yes, you can decide on a specific program or project that you’d like to designate funds to or you can allow BFC to use the funds wherever they are needed most.

Q: Will Building Families help to cover the expenses incurred?

A: BFC is unable to accept any financial responsibility or liability for your event. This type of fundraiser is fully coordinated and carried out by a third party. 

Q: Can you provide tax receipts for the people who contribute to my event?

A: BFC is unable to accept any financial responsibility or liability for your event. This type of fundraiser is fully coordinated and carried out by a third party. 

Q: Will you send a representative to my event and/or provide volunteers?

A: Whenever possible we will send someone from the organization to the event if requested. We may be able to provide limited volunteer support, but it is not guaranteed. The earlier you reach out, the more likely it is that we’ll be able to support you in this way!

Q: How long will it take to get my fundraiser proposal approved?

A: Proposals will be approved within 10 business days.

Q: How do I send the proceeds of my event to Building Families for Children?

A: Funds raised can be donated in a few ways. The preferred method is by check, either in person or through the mail, because we don’t incur a credit card processing fee. Please make checks payable to Building Families for Children. Our address is 7142 Columbia Gateway Drive, Suite 170, Columbia, MD 21046

The second option is donating online at www.buildingfamiliesforchildren.org/donate

Feel free to contact Kristen Carrasco at 410-872-1050 extension 1450 if you have any questions. Thank you!

recent third party fundraisers

Fashion show and auction put on by Alta Wilde Lake in partnership with Macy’s.

A portion from every sale of Master Freeman’s sauce is donated.

Yard Sale organized by Church of the Wonderful Light. 

Author Monica Fortune donated a percentage of her holiday book sales.


Third Party Fundraisers are a great way to raise vital support for Maryland’s most vulnerable children.The financial support is crucial, but you’re also helping to raising awareness which can yield fruit for years after your event. If you’re considering hosting an event and have some questions, let’s talk!