Safe Families for Children

Building Families for Children is the local implementer of Safe Families for Children in Maryland.

When crisis strikes, many of us rely on relatives and our church family for support. But for some parents there isn’t a safety net. Safe Families for Children exists to change this.  Volunteer families, prompted solely by compassion, build relationships with at-risk families and open their homes to children. This allows parents to have the time and space to work out their problems without having to worry about losing parental custody.

Central to Safe Families for Children support is the host family.  These volunteers show biblical hospitality by opening up their home to care for children, allowing their parents the breathing room to focus and deal with pressing issues.  Other family support roles include a family coach who offers their experience to help families make the necessary changes, and also supports volunteers in providing care and a resource friend who shares time, talent, or treasure.  Last but not least, a volunteer family friend is someone who befriends, mentors, and supports parents through their crisis to help them get back on their feet.

To learn more about the Safe Families for Children movement, visit the national websiteTo get involved as a volunteer,  email

Safe Families is a blessing. I tell mothers that they aren’t giving up their child. I tell them what they are doing is letting a trained caregiver care for their child while they pull themselves together. I’ve seen it happen. Safe Families works.

Dorita Dorm

Human Services Programs of Carroll County Inc., Women's and Children's Shelter

“I do it because I have been a single mom, and understand what it is like to suddenly be hit with a situation that you have no control over,” Sheryl said. “My husband died 14 years ago. It’s only because of my family and the church that we were able to pull through. We all need a safety net.”

Sheryl Meyer

SFFC Host Mom

I was a man in the dark who had to watch his family live without real help and real people who cared. Safe Families stepped into our dark place and pulled our family into the light. You showed us love and peace. You gave us hope. You did not judge us. With the help of faithful and loving volunteers, you opened  your homes to us and took us in with loving arms. Thank you.


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Safe Families for Children™ Assistance

Steps to Take

If you’re interested in having your child(ren) hosted through the Safe Families program, please follow these steps…

1. Talk to one of our Family Support Coordinators by calling 800-621-8834 extension 1010. Explain your needs & ask any questions you have about the program

2. Fill out the info forms for you and your child

3. Submit the forms by… Scanning and emailing them to: Faxing them to: 410-872-1047 Or Mailing them to: 7161 Columbia Gateway Drive Suite A, Columbia MD, 21046

4. A Family Support Coordinator will contact you to discuss your situation and determine availability for assistance

5. If hosting assistance is available we will complete the permission forms with you. To view the forms see below.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email OR visit the Safe Families website (

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