Last weekend Ellicott City Assembly of God had a shower for our newly approved volunteer host family, Jenn and Andy Williams! What an amazing way to celebrate and support these parents as they open up their home to provide a temporary, safe place for kids whose parents are dealing with a crisis. We did a short Q&A to find out more about why the Williams became volunteers and how the church plans to partner with them!

Andy and Jenn Williams, Volunteer Host Family

Q: Jenn and Andy, why did you decide to become SFFC volunteers?
A: We wanted to make a difference in the lives of children and their families. We want to see families become whole and healthy and what better way to do that then to come up alongside them when they are struggling the most and provide them with a safe place for their children while they work towards getting whole again themselves and being the best parent they can be!
Q: How do you see your role in Safe Families as an opportunity or even a calling?
A: We would say it’s definitely a calling… we feel that we were called to make a difference in this world and to show God’s love and hospitality towards others in very tangible ways. SFFC help us fulfill our calling and meets the needs of the hurting in a real way.

Kim Manning, Pastor’s Wife 

Q: Kim, why did your church decide to host a shower for the Williams?
A: A core value of our church is showing the love of God, in tangible ways, to those who are hurting and in need. When we found out that the Williams family had committed to open their home to children who needed support and love through difficult transitions and family cultures, we knew that we wanted to be a vital part of this effort by providing what the William’s will need to make the children placed in their home feel well cared for.
Q: We know that you’ve committed to supporting them throughout the journey. What moved you to do that?
A: Andy and Jennifer are an important and highly visible part of our church body who are always the first people to volunteer to help and support the needs of other families, especially in helping out with caring for children. As soon as people found out that they were going to become a part of Safe Families for Children there was an outpouring of desire to partner with them through having a shower, as well as the ongoing support they may need in any given area. We take, quite literally at Ellicott City Assembly of God, that we are the “family” of God. Jenn, Andy, and anyone who is a part of their home is a part of our family!