After escaping a sex trafficking ring, Mo, a single mother was in need of support so she could be the mom God intended her to be for her daughter.  Safe Families for Children (SFFC) provided a safety net to help stabilize her family, and each time she was faced with another crisis, volunteers were there for her like an extended family.

“My first encounter with Building Families for Children was around October 2014. I needed help with my daughter. At the time she was about seven months old and I was entering an inpatient program. I’m here from Philadelphia with no family. I had no one else to call. This organization set me up with my first Host Family and they welcomed my daughter and me with open arms.

I returned for help twice, knowing that I could trust the SFFC volunteers to be non-judgmental and to care for my precious daughter. They hosted her while I moved, and then again after I left a recovery program. Faced with every psychological stressor you can think of (no daycare, no job, no therapist, no stable housing) I asked them to provide a safe, stable place for my  daughter while I dealt with these pressing issues so that she would be safe and I could focus on achieving stability and remaining clean.  Every host family was Christian, loving, caring, and had a strong desire to help.  We are still connected and they’ve supported me in many ways. Child Protective Services was never involved. Without this program, clearly they would have been. This organization listens to me, they understood when I thought no one would, and they loved me even when I didn’t feel like I loved myself. I now have two years clean, I’m a paralegal and the best mother I can be. I also volunteer to help people who struggle with the same things I did. I honestly have no idea where I would be without them, and I’m so glad I don’t have to find out! With their assistance, I was able to turn my life around!”