“A safe, nurturing home for every child.”

Debbie Marini, Executive Director

Every child should enjoy a home that is safe and nurturing.  This past year, we introduced a new model into our work called Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI).  From this approach we learn that safety must be accompanied with nurturing to truly get to the heart of the traumatized child.  A child who has experienced trauma presents many needs to their caregivers. They need extra help learning to self regulate, to calm down, to experience “felt safety,” and to learn from their behavior.  At the same time, caregivers must understand their own style, stressors and resources to be the most nurturing they can be.  In this report, we share examples about how our deepening knowledge of what works with traumatized kids and families is making a difference.  In a fervent effort to integrate this knowledge in harmony with our new vision, we have developed a continuum of services that is breaking the cycle of trauma and its negative effects.  We want to thank our faithful supporters for giving us the resources to make this vision a reality.

“A supportive, thriving community for every family.”

Sandy Wehunt, President of the Board of Trustees

The vision of Building Families for Children is a statement that inspires others to ask themselves, “How do I fit into this?”  It is concise, yet all-encompassing, as it reflects the focus and direction of our work with families and children.

In my service as the Building Families for Children Board President my fellow board members and I see how we fit into this vision of a “supportive and thriving community.” As ambassadors of the organization, we make sure our very own communities—churches, friends, groups and organizations—are moved to support, encourage and pray for the work that takes place within our programs.

Families who are isolated and have experienced generational trauma desperately need a community of support to surround them.  For a family to truly thrive, our communities must offer a fertile soil and foundation. Through Building Families’ outreach efforts we advocate for others to help meet their need for support, make resources more accessible, and provide for material needs.

I consider it a blessing and a privilege to honor God by doing what we can to establish such a community.  To those who faithfully come alongside, thank you, and to those who might not yet have experienced that same joy and fulfillment, we invite you to join us.