Share a story

story ideas

Stories are one of the most effective ways for us to raise awareness about our programs! A story might give someone the courage to reach out for help, or it might inspire someone to step up and get involved as a foster parent, volunteer, or donor. 


  • An example of how you’ve seen God at work through your relationship with BFC and/or clients being served
  • Client who achieved a goal, big or small
  • Foster parent or volunteer who went above and beyond in some way
  • Demonstration of a TBRI intervention helping
  • Someone offering support in a unique way
  • A breakthrough moment for you and/or a person receiving services
  • A successful transition out of our program
  • An update on a client who officially left one of our programs
  • Highlight a former client (can also do current, but we can’t use their image): What was their life like before/during/after our program? What were their greatest accomplishments while in the program? Is there anything else they would like to share about their journey and/or experience with Building Families?
  • Highlight a foster parent or volunteer’s story: How did they get involved with BFC? How has the experience shaped their life? What has been a highlight of their service/a moment when it all felt worth it? How has it had a positive impact on their church/family/others around them?